Meetings in Norg

Meetings in Norg: at Hotel Karsten you can have business meetings in a peaceful setting. We offer a beautiful location with all necessary amenities away from the daily work environment. That way, that important consultation or challenging training session is sure to be a success.

Inspiration, creativity and new ideas

Meetings, brainstorming sessions, networking meetings, courses: some love them, others have nothing to do with them. The fact is, meetings like this can be enormously useful and important. In this regard, it can work wonders to meet outside the regular office location. A fresh, new environment often has a positive effect on inspiration and concentration.

Hotel Karsten’s meeting room has an attractive decor with a nostalgic touch. We thought about every detail to create an inspiring and warm space. A place where creativity is fostered and new ideas can emerge. Where all attendees can focus, without the noise of everyday life.

We can completely tailor the placement of tables and chairs to the type of meeting. Various table setups are possible here, such as in smaller groups, a U-shape or a square setup. In consultation, we choose a room arrangement that suits the purpose of the get-together.


Meeting and team building in one

At Hotel Karsten you can easily combine meetings in Norg with an activity. After all, relaxation in between is important to stay focused. We are in a wooded area with plenty of opportunities for short or long(er) walks. This allows everyone to rejoin with renewed energy for the second part of the meeting.

Prefer a little more action and challenge? Our hotel offers several games that are sure to enhance team spirit. From an escape game, to old Dutch games and a pub quiz: it’s all possible. Combine work with pleasure and look back on a fruitful meeting afterwards.


Meetings in Norg: come to Hotel Karsten

Hotel Karsten has the space and all the facilities for a successful business meeting. We are happy to discuss all options with you.