The Norg hospitality industry

The history of the name Karsten in the Norg hospitality industry is a special one and has its origins in 1713 when the first Karsten started an inn on the Brink in the village. Running the inn this Karsten did in addition to his profession as a farmer. Almost 150 years later, around 1848, there are references in the archives to farmer Luchien Karsten with his lodge and café “Het bruine Paard.

The Brown Horse

Starting in 1925, “The Brown Horse” went through modernization. The old farmhouse that housed the lodge and café was torn down and a new building was erected in 1926. In it came five hotel rooms with electricity. This also meant an end to the cattle business for the Karsten family.


During the war years, Hotel Karsten was requisitioned by the Germans and then Canadians stayed in the building. After the war, the interior had to be completely renovated. In 1942, the hotel passed from Karst Karsten to his son Luchien Karsten. Luchien remodeled and renovated the hotel several times until 1980. In that year, he sold the hotel to unrelated people because of a lack of succession. Fortunately, the Karsten name has remained associated with the hotel to this day.

The ceiling

In March 2020, another renovation took place in the Grand Café. During this renovation, a beautiful painting of the famous horse market was applied to the ceiling. For hundreds of years during the village festival in “Paardlaren,” now known as Zuidlaren, the annual fair with horse market has been held. The nostalgic market is full of traditions and is known far beyond the borders!

The horse inspection

Just a little history. In the 19th century, Groningen’s Otto Eerelman (1839-1926) painted one of the traditional annual festivities. This he did on Aug. 28 around the commemoration of the Gronings Ontzet. In the painting, Eerelman depicted a large number of prominent Groningers who had special significance for equestrian sports. The painting was presented in March 1920, after which it was given a place in the wedding hall of the City Hall. Meanwhile, the painting can also be admired at Grand Café Hotel Karsten.