Company outing Drenthe

Company outing Drenthe? At Grand Café Hotel Karsten in Norg you combine delicious food with a fun activity. All in a beautiful spot close to forests and moors. That way that meeting with colleagues is sure to be a success.

Company outing Drenthe: activities and good food

The ideal company outing consists of fun, team bonding and good food. At Karsten, you’ve come to the right place for all three. You can choose from our variety of group activities, combined with a meal. Think old Dutch games with lunch or a pub quiz followed by dinner. A beer tasting is also an option.

Prefer a little more excitement and thrill? Then be sure to choose the outdoor game Escape from Veenhuizen. In doing so, you will be given the task of escaping and staying out of the hands of the guards. Working together is very important during this escape through the forests around Norg and Veenhuizen. Prior to the game, you can enjoy a sumptuous buffet at Karsten’s. In short, company outing Drenthe? You know where to find us!

Company outing Drenthe? Run for your life with ‘Escape from Veenhuizen’.

Fully catered meetings

For business meetings, you can also come to Karsten. Consider a meeting, training or conference. We have a comfortable, enclosed room for working in peace. In consultation, we choose a table arrangement that suits the meeting. You can think about placement in small groups or a square or theater setting.

We also have all the necessary facilities, such as wifi, sound system and screens. Of course, catering is also provided to perfection. From coffee and tea with pastries, to a sumptuous lunch or buffet. Our enthusiastic team ensures that guests lack nothing.

Need a little relaxation in between? Nature is close by, so a nice walk in the outdoors is always an option. This allows everyone to resume work with fresh energy and optimal focus.

Relaxed company outing in Drenthe at Karsten’s

A company outing at Karsten guarantees relaxation, fun and delicious food. Come and enjoy with your colleagues. For an unforgettable corporate event Drenthe, go for Grand Café Hotel Karsten!