Meeting Location Norg

Meeting in Norg? Hotel Karsten has a beautiful hall with all facilities for a successful meeting. With its homey atmosphere and cozy decor, guests quickly feel at ease here. Combined with a convenient location and delicious coffee, makes this the ideal meeting location.

Meeting venue Norg: atmospheric and adaptable to requirements

At Hotel Karsten you can hold meetings, seminars or other business meetings in peace and quiet. Our neat, attractive room includes a projector and wireless internet access.

We can set up our meeting room entirely to your liking. Various setups are possible here. Consider placement of tables and chairs in a u-shape, in smaller groups or in theater arrangement.

Depending on the purpose of the meeting and the activities, we choose an appropriate setup. Of course, the size of the group also plays a role in this. Whether you like a more intimate or more spacious setup: it’s all possible.


Fully catered meetings

Where there is work, there must also be food and drink. We are happy to provide all attendees with excellent coffee, tea and treats. Lunch or dinner is also available. Our friendly and professional staff makes every effort to create a pleasant ambiance. This allows for quiet meetings without too many distractions.


Focus and relaxation at meeting location Norg

To stay focused, it is equally important to relax in between. Our hotel-restaurant is located in a wooded area. So you can perfectly combine a meeting with a walk in nature. Built up your team and gain inspiration and energy.


Central location

Hotel Karsten is located in the middle of the esdorp Norg, near the Kerkbrink. From our hotel you enjoy the view of the beautiful thirteenth-century Romanesque church. Due to its central location between Groningen and Assen, Norg is easily accessible from various directions.