Hotel with charging station

Hotel with charging station Drenthe? Grand Café Hotel Karsten in Norg has its own parking lot with four charging stations. So plenty of options to power your electric car. You will also find a homely atmosphere, delicious food and comfortable rooms at this four-star hotel. And all in a beautiful setting near forests and moors.

Luxurious and accessible

The history of Grand Café Hotel Karsten goes way back. Three centuries no less, to the year 1713. Then the first Karsten started an inn on the same spot where today’s hotel stands. In modernized form, of course, but still with the warm and nostalgic ambiance of yesteryear.

Today, Karsten is a four-star hotel where luxury and accessibility go hand in hand. What that looks like? As a hotel with luxurious rooms and room service, where at the same time there is an informal and cozy atmosphere. And as a stylish restaurant with fantastic (freshly prepared) dishes, which are at the same time familiar and familiar. From diamond cheese to satay, there is something for everyone.


Hotel with charging station Drenthe: 4 units

While you enjoy in our hotel, your car is parked for free in our private parking lot. In addition to plenty of spots, you will also find 4 charging stations here. So you can always hit the road with a fully loaded car. In addition, we have a covered bicycle storage area. So your (electric) bike will also get a good spot at Karsten.


Explore the area

Grand Café Hotel Karsten is located in the brink village of Norg in Drenthe. The area offers all kinds of opportunities for fun trips by car or bike. Both Groningen and Assen are close by, so a day of shopping or sightseeing is easily planned. Moreover, Norg is surrounded by three different forests where you can do excellent hiking or biking. We would be happy to give you more information about beautiful hiking or biking routes in the area.


Hotel with charging station Drenthe for business meetings

Our hotel with charging station in Drenthe is also perfect for business meetings. We have a lockable room with its own bar and access to the terrace. You can hold meetings, presentations or training sessions here in peace and quiet.

For multi-day seminars, you can equally well visit Grand Café Hotel Karsten. Of course, our parking lot with charging stations can then be used. Take a look at our meeting packages to get an idea of the possibilities.